Melee Talents

Moving on, it's time to look at the Melee talents!

As always, these talents are subject to change, and there will definitely be more added later on! Also, all titles are working names only, and while they all seem to be maxed out at lvl 5 on the screencaps, this will not be the case in the actual game.

Increases ATK by 2% per level.

Increases DEF by 5% per level for 3 seconds every time you land a normal attack.

Second Breath
Every third normal attack gives you 3 Energy Points (EP).

If you use a magic skill directly after a combat skill, it will charge up 20% faster per level.

Burning Weapon
Each normal attack has a 3% chance (per level) to cause burning.

Last Breath
When your HP is below 20% you get 20% more ATK per level.

Chilly Touch
Each normal attack has a 5% chance (per level) to chill your enemy.

Increases attack speed by 2% per level.

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