General Talents

Time to take a look at the General Talents!

We don't have any formal rules when it comes to icon design, but I've made some basic guidelines when it comes to the color scheme too keep things easy to navigate (hopefully). Basically, I use Purple to indicate magic, Green to indicate health, Blue for shield & defense talents and Red for combat.

General Talents

As always, these talents are subject to change, and there will definitely be more added later on! Also, all titles are working names only, and while they all seem to be maxed out at lvl 5 on the screencaps, this will not be the case in the actual game.

Quick Reflexes
Increases perfect guard window by 10% per level.

Shield Bearer
Decreases the movement speed penalty when shielding by 15% per level.

Decreases the movement speed penalty when charging a skill by 10% per level.

Increases ATK and MATK by 1% per level.

Increases max HP by 2% per level.

Last Stand
When under 20% HP, your DEF will increase by 20% per level.

Increases crit chance by 3% per level.

Critical hits do 5% more damage per level.

Increases max EP by 3 points per level.

Fine Taste
Potions last 10% longer per level.
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