Magic Talents

Magic Talents! They are kind of few right now, but there will definitely be a whole lot more in the future. 

As always, these talents are subject to change, and there will definitely be more added later on! Also, all titles are working names only, and while they all seem to be maxed out at lvl 5 on the screencaps, this will not be the case in the actual game.

Increases MATK by 2% per level.

Arcane Charge
After using a magic spell, your next normal attack will do [20%*Spell Charge lvl] damage per level.

After casting a magic spell, casting a second spell of a different element will cost 15% less EP per level.

Battle Mage
After casting a magic spell, casting a combat skill will cost 20% less EP.

Increases your DEF by 10% per level when charging a magic spell.

Last Spark
When your HP is below 20%, you'll gain 20% MATK per level.

Arcane Collar
Decreases the EP cost of summons by 2% per level.
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